Sip and Celebrate: How To Host a Speakeasy Bachelorette Soiree

So you’re the maid of honor and want to throw the bride-to-be a bachelorette party she’ll never forget. How about ditching the same old dull spa day or pub crawl for a speakeasy theme party?

During Prohibition in the Roaring Twenties, speakeasies were the ultimate in exclusivity. They usually required a password to get in, and many doubled as luxurious jazz clubs. The secrecy also provided a little sense of danger and excitement: you never knew if the cops would raid the joint!

Sip and Celebrate: How To Host a Speakeasy Bachelorette Soiree

If exclusivity, luxury, fun, and excitement are what you’re looking for, we have some helpful tips for hosting an intimate, high-class, speakeasy-themed party for your bachelorette soiree that your friends will love. You can handle all the details yourself or choose a venue like Trophy Club, Northern California’s premiere members-only speakeasy.

Start Things Off Right With Swanky Invitations

When designing or buying the invitations for your speakeasy theme party, you can incorporate 1920s style with art deco fonts and geometric designs, using black and gold colors. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could make (or buy) invitations that look like newspapers of the time. Include a story about a women’s suffragette movement meeting with the address of your chosen venue and the time of your party. Don’t forget to include a handwritten note providing everyone with the password to get in!

Get Cozy in the Right Venue

Think cozy, intimate, and classy when choosing a venue for your speakeasy-themed party. You could rent a private room in the back of a restaurant, old hotel, or historic building; transform your home or a friend’s house or backyard with the right decor and ambiance; or plan a private event at Trophy Club. Dim lighting, jazz music, vintage glassware, pearls, beads, feathers, and velvet can all lend an authentic feel.

Trophy Club makes it easy to get in the spirit of the times with luxurious seating and decor, a hidden entrance, and an intimate atmosphere. We also offer delicious, handcrafted cocktails like Sidecars, Old Fashioneds, and Gin Rickeys, and food appropriate to the era.

Dress the Part

Guests will have even more fun if everyone dresses up. Flapper dresses, beaded fringe, headbands, pearls, and feathered boas can all be found online, at costume or vintage shops, or even in some thrift stores.

If fancy dresses aren’t your thing, you could always go with a gangster theme. Known as gun molls, female gangsters were notorious in their own right. Choose fedoras, red suspenders, striped pants, wingtip shoes, and white shirts to complete the look.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Hire a bartender or learn how to make your choice of popular 1920s cocktails. You may need to invest in a cocktail shaker, aromatics, some bitters, and some martini glasses for a more authentic experience.

Finger foods, appetizers, and charcuterie boards are perfect nibbles for a speakeasy-themed party. Deviled eggs, sliders, mini quiches, and other quick and easy bite-sized food are a good choice.

If you host your event at Trophy Club, you’ll have access to bartenders known for their cocktail creations. If you can dream it up, they can mix it up! You can even curate the drink menu for your event, choosing from seasonal craft cocktails, beer, wine, and champagne. Delicious cheese and charcuterie boards and the tapas menu are available for just the right bite.

It’s All Fun and Games

As far as entertainment goes, jazz music is a must, whether live or just on the playlist on your phone. Consider having a group lesson (or watch this YouTube video) to learn to dance the Charleston, which was wildly popular at the time because you could dance along with the jazz music. Once everyone has the basics down, you could have a dance contest with prizes.

Gangsters and gamblers were also a big part of the era so you could set up a friendly game of blackjack, gin rummy, or poker. Backgammon and Parcheesi would also work since they were popular board games at the time.

Since everyone will already be in costume, it can be easy to incorporate a murder mystery game into the evening. Create one yourself or buy one readymade to amp up the night’s excitement. It might even be fun to get some friends to dress as cops and stage a “raid” to break up your party and move everyone to a new venue to continue the fun.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Set up a photo booth with props like boas, cigarette holders, feathered headbands, scarves, and fedoras to create memories and party favors all at the same time. You can use a Polaroid camera for instant pictures to give to your guests or take them on your phone and create a photo book after the event.

Other party favors to consider:

  • Personalized mini flasks
  • Custom cocktail shakers or glasses
  • Small bottles of champagne or other liquor
  • Fake pearls in a monogrammed box
  • Real cigars or chocolate ones
  • “Mug shots” of all the guests, especially if the party gets “raided”

The Password for a Roaring Good Time? “Trophy Club”

Planning the perfect speakeasy theme party is easy when you leave the decor, ambiance, music, food, and drinks to Trophy Club! For a truly unique experience, as the party’s host, you can work with our bartenders to create a signature, handcrafted cocktail for your event. You can choose the name, spirit, color, and tasting profile. Each guest will be handed the signature cocktail as they arrive.

Work with our party planners to cater your event. Depending on the size of your group, our catering options include cheese boards, charcuterie, tapas, buffet-style taco or nacho bars, party salads, and a churro bar with dipping sauces for dessert.

We have everything you need for the perfect speakeasy bachelorette party for you and your friends. Ready to get started? Contact us to start planning your party at Trophy Club today.