Not Your Usual Girls’ Night Out

Not Your Usual Girls’ Night Out

Tired of the same old California bars and restaurants? If you’re looking to mix things up for your next girls’ night out, we have the perfect bar for you in downtown Sacramento. You and your friends may have been to craft cocktail bars or pubs before, but at Trophy Club, you will get the full immersive experience of a true speakeasy.

Hidden from the authorities, speakeasies of the past had to be exclusive and innovative, serving the most daring and new cocktails available, as you’d see in The Great Gatsby. At Trophy Club, we are carrying on that experience, but with a modern and creative twist.

What Makes Trophy Club Unique?

Trophy Club is hidden inside the mini-golf pub Tipsy Putt and is a speakeasy in the most authentic way. In other words, we can’t even tell you exactly where the entrance is until we see you in person. You’ll have to discover this hideaway location when you arrive. Just enter Tipsy Putt on K Street, walk down the stairs, and ask the host to show you the way.

Trophy Club is a speakeasy with a membership, recalling the modern cocktail revival speakeasies and pubs of lower Manhattan and other American cities in the 2000s. Remember the legendary Please Don’t Tell (PDT), where entry to this day is through a nondescript phone booth inside a hotdog shop? Lift the phone, and you enter a different age and time, like you’re at Gatsby’s mansion. Building on these amazing innovators in the craft cocktail space, Trophy Club offers an exciting combination of all exclusivity and innovation, but with a down-to-earth and easy-going vibe, perfectly suited to a girls’ night out like you’ve never had before.

Our commitment to cocktail authenticity is also the ticket to a personalized flavor adventure for you and your friends. Through a carefully executed and distinctive approach to cocktail curation, our expert servers and bartenders will anticipate your exact cocktail aura, leaving you feeling pampered like you and your friends have spent a day at the spa.

Everyone likes some flavors and not others: sometimes sweet and fruity for an easy summer sip, other times spirit-forward and boozy for those nights when nothing but a strong Manhattan will do. But don’t worry, Manhattans are only scratching the surface of what Trophy Club has in store for anyone wanting the best drinks in Sacramento, crafted and served by the best of the best, all in a space that is truly special. Want to impress your friends like Gatsby? Then come on down.

Join Us, Won’t You?

For a one-time $250 fee, you will become a lifetime member at our one-of-a-kind Sacramento speakwasy. While Trophy Club is open to the public, our members always take priority and will always be seated immediately. Non-members will likely have to wait for a space to open. Once you’re a member with us, you also get invited to exclusive special events. These invites get sent out quietly through email, keeping them on a need-to-know basis, so you can stay a part of our fun but exclusive inner circle. Trophy Club combines all the pomp and flair of the fanciest bars in history with a truly welcoming and open spirit (pun intended).

You and your girlfriends will no longer have to spend time looking around for somewhere that isn’t loud and crowded to have a decent drink. Instead, you’ll be able to impress anyone with your new-found knowledge of craft cocktails and a swanky setting only you know how to find. You and your friends can get dressed up to the nines or come casual and make your way to the swingin’-est speakeasy in town for ritzy drinks and a Roaring ’20s atmosphere. Experience the personal touch that only a truly original and welcoming club like ours can. Trophy Club is the Sacramento cocktail renaissance, made fun and easy for any palate or personal taste.

It’s a Full-Service Experience

Planning something special? You can also book events with us! Make a bachelorette party stand out from the standard fare and show off to all your friends how your new speakeasy membership is the bee’s knees. The Trophy Club has plenty of space too. It can hold up to 50 guests, making it an easy location for a wide variety of events, from an intimate cocktail party to that free-wheeling after-hours work party.

You can find more information about rates, catering, and drink options for private events on our website. And you can conveniently book the space online as well. Whether you decide to join us as a member, come as the guest of a member, or simply come in to check us out, we look forward to seeing and serving you. We’re sure you’ll have the time of your life with us.

Multiple Options for Girls Night Out

And don’t forget, that inconspicuous entryway to Trophy Club isn’t in some dim alley or just a random metal door on the corner. It’s inside a full-service bar with a fully decked-out mini golf course. So, for those other nights out, when you want to cut loose and play a game or two, Tipsy Putt is another venue for bachelorette parties, birthdays, and more. Proudly serving only local brands of alcohol, Tipsy Putt is a hole-in-one for all occasions. Any girls’ night out you’re planning will be well served by these two distinct and professional establishments, with the common feature of being a total blast.

Trophy Club is already expanding through the Northern California area. In addition to downtown Sacramento, we also have a location in the East Bay.

So, what are you waiting for? Come discover North California’s most exciting secret for your next girls’ night out at Trophy Club, the best-kept secret you never knew you needed.