Date Night With Mini Golf and Drinks? Yes, Please!

Did you swipe right on your fav dating app and it’s a match made in heaven? Awesome! Now it’s time to impress your romantic interest by planning the perfect date night. But dinner and a movie is so overrated. To kick things off right, come up with something fun and creative instead … like mini golf and drinks! Tipsy Putt has both of these covered and a whole lot more to offer. So let us help you plan a night out your date is sure to remember.

Date Night With Mini Golf and Drinks? Yes, Please!

Round 1: Drinks

There’s a reason we’re called Tipsy Putt. Our motto is to drink local, putt tipsy! So we suggest meeting your date at our bar for a round of drinks to start off your evening. If you’re planning a first date, this can be a great icebreaker and an excellent opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

We have a wide selection of local craft beers on tap, as well as wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages. Or you can get your night started off with a shooter, like “Tiger’s Wood.” It may not have you playing mini golf like Tiger Woods, but it’s tasty and should have you feeling relaxed when you head onto the course for Round 2 of your evening.

Remember, always drink responsibly, so plan ahead and grab a ride share or cab if you’re here to putt tipsy.

Round 2: Mini Golf

If you’re on a first date, there’s no better way to keep things fun and casual than a game of putt-putt. So hit the links on our mini-golf course and go head-to-head with your date in a round of friendly competition.

Our one-of-a-kind mini-golf course is unique, challenging, and just the sort of spot to set the scene for a memorable evening. Plus, it’s located indoors so you won’t have to worry about the weather putting a damper on your date night. We’re open rain or shine!

After a round on our course, your date is sure to be in full swing, and we bet you’ll work up an appetite. That leads us to Round 3.

Round 3: Dinner

A mini-golf course with drinks and food? You bet! You don’t want to risk getting hangry, so satisfy your cravings with some delicious eats. Our Tipsy Putt menu features Mexican fare with a California flair, of course—including nachos, tacos, quesabirria tacos, pub pretzels, and elote bowls.

If you want a healthier option, try our Mexican chopped salad. We have vegan and vegetarian options too. Order one of our shareable plates to get started then finish off your dinner with a sweet treat like our warm churros.

Once dinner is complete, you’ll be ready to ring in Round 4 of date night—a rematch!

Round 4: Cornhole, 1-2 Putt, and More

Tipsy Putt features more than just mini golf and drinks. We also have a full plate of fun games like Cornhole and 1-2 Putt.

What’s 1-2 Putt, you ask? It’s an original tabletop golf game that provides another opportunity to challenge your date to a little friendly competition. It’s part golf and part shuffleboard, but easy for people of all skill levels. It does require a little strategy, however.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works: Grab your mallet and ball from our beertender, and when you’re ready to play, place the mallet on the table to push your ball forward. The more you go the distance, the more points you’ll score.

Not happy with your first score? You can always push the envelope and try again. This is where strategy comes in—you’re locked into your second score regardless of whether it’s better or worse than the first. The person with the highest score wins!

Whether you decide to try your hand at 1-2 Putt or another fun game, once you’re finished, find your way to our Trophy Club speakeasy for a celebratory nightcap to crown the winner and end your night on a high note.

Round 5: Nightcap

If the night is going well and you really want to impress your date, Trophy Club is the way to go. But first, you have to find your way in. That’s an adventure all on its own!

Our speakeasy is off the beaten path and tucked away for members only. You might find us hidden behind a bookcase or in an old rail car, depending on which of our Northern California locations you visit. But once you do find your way in, we promise it will be well worth the effort.

We like to call Trophy Club a hidden gem hidden in plain sight. Our menu features seasonal cocktails, wine, bubbles, and small bites if you’re in the mood for a late-night snack.

If you want exclusive access that’s sure to impress your date, you can become a member. Imagine your date’s reaction when you take them to a place they wouldn’t otherwise be able to visit.

Your membership also includes incredible perks and discounts, including unlimited mini golf for life and drink upgrades. So if this date is a hit, you can start planning a second one!

We have high hopes for your date night because we think mini golf and drinks are the perfect pairing. We’re rooting for you and your date to pair together just as well!

Hit up a few rounds of our suggested date night adventure or do them all. You can customize your date night any way you’d like. But after an evening like this one, we think the odds are that you’ll be seeing your date (and Tipsy Putt) again real soon!