Cheers to Good Times: Sparkling Ideas for Your Holiday Party Bash!

The holidays are here, the season’s magic is in the air, and the race to find the perfect holiday party venue in Silicon Valley is on. You have to find somewhere with good food and entertainment, and a place that is fun for all members of your party. How can you possibly find somewhere that fits your requirements? Look no further; we have the ideal place for your “par-tee”—Tipsy Putt!

Cheers to Good Times: Sparkling Ideas for Your Holiday Party Bash!

What is Tipsy Putt?!

“Drink local, putt tipsy”… our motto says it all! This unique mini-golf experience isn’t just a venue to hold your holiday party in Silicon Valley. We provide a festive setting for all occasions, holidays, and celebrations of all kinds. Tipsy Putt is where mini golf meets mixology, creating a symphony of laughter, clinks, and unforgettable moments.

Bringing the joy of putting and sipping together, Tipsy Putt is the only mini-golf establishment that blends local flavor into every swing and sip. We promise a memorable gathering that resonates with the essence of Silicon Valley, with locally sourced craft beers, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Locally sourced meats and produce for our hearty salads, monster burritos, killer quesadillas, and shareable bites—like nachos, churros, elote, and more. We love a locally owned business that uplifts and sources from other locally owned businesses!

Step into Tipsy Putt, and you step into a world where the clink of glasses harmonizes with the satisfying thud of a well-aimed golf ball. It’s not just a venue; it’s a vibe that sets the perfect stage for your holiday party in Silicon Valley. The warm glow of neon lights creates a festive ambiance, making every corner a photo-worthy backdrop for your celebration.

Par-Tee Planning Made Easy

Now, let’s delve into the secrets of hosting a legendary holiday party at Silicon Valley Tipsy Putt. Simply start by making a reservation! We’ll discuss your event’s specificities and go over our mouth-watering menu. Keep in mind that catering is available for ten or more people.

After you’ve made your selections, all you and your guests need to do is show up ready to have fun. We’ll take care of the rest! It’s that easy. Whether it’s an office event, a family/friends reunion, a glamorous New Year’s Eve soiree, a birthday, or a holiday party, Silicon Valley Tipsy Putt has the winning formula perfect for your party’s needs.

Tipsy Putt understands that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to parties. With space for up to 500 guests, the venue provides a canvas for you to paint your perfect holiday party picture. Reservations start from just 10 people, ensuring both intimate and grand celebrations have a home at Tipsy Putt.

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic—budgeting. The pricing details are conveniently available on our website, so you’ll be able to find a plan to fit your party budget in no time. Get ready for some unexpected hole-in-ones and unforgettable moments.

A word of wisdom for the party planner extraordinaire—book early. With the holiday season knocking on the door, securing your spot sooner rather than later is the key to a stress-free and seamless celebration. Tipsy Putt is a coveted destination, and availability can disappear faster than a well-aimed putt!

A mini golf Experience

At the heart of Tipsy Putt lies the mini-golf course! We encourage you to make up your rules for each hole if you want to spice up the competition a little, such as putting with your non-dominant hand or taking shots blindfolded.

Beyond the classic mini golf, you’ll discover 1-2 Putt™, Duffleboard, Cornhole, and a Sports Bar that elevates the excitement. Tipsy Putt is an all-ages venue until 5:00 p.m., making it perfect for a family-friendly holiday gathering. Picture the joy of your colleagues, friends, or family members discovering their hidden golf talents amidst the twists and turns of the course. After 5:00 p.m., you must be 21+ to enter.

Foodie’s Delight

Let’s talk about the fuel for your festivities—the food. Tipsy Putt turns ordering your meal into an experience. In the heart of Silicon Valley, technology isn’t just embraced—it’s the culture and the norm. Order your food from a tablet kiosk and let your phone notify you when your order is ready. It’s tech-friendly fun for the young and the young-at-heart.

For those who prefer the convenience of third-party digital dining, delivery apps are at your service. Tipsy Putt allows you to order outside food from DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats. Your options are as diverse as the mini-golf challenges that await your guests.

Crafting Memorable Moments

As you plan your holiday party in Silicon Valley, Tipsy Putt emerges as the “par-tee” destination that strikes the perfect balance between novelty and tradition. From the fusion of mini golf and a bar to the tailored booking options, Tipsy Putt has cracked the code for creating lasting memories.

Tipsy Putt allows you to book the entire venue for yourself, accommodating up to 500 people. If grandeur is what you seek, we have you covered. If you’re leaning toward a more intimate gathering, booking half the venue can comfortably host up to 200 people. The options for a holiday party at Silicon Valley Tipsy Putt are nearly endless.

It’s not just a venue; it’s a blend of fun, flavor, and festivities that will etch smiles on faces and create memories that resonate through the holiday season and beyond. Every celebration is an event to remember.

Your party, your masterpiece. Why settle for the ordinary when you can swing for the extraordinary? This holiday season, let Tipsy Putt be your venue for your holiday party in Silicon Valley. Raise your glasses and your putters because when it comes to par-tee perfection, Tipsy Putt is where it’s at. Cheers to the holiday party Silicon Valley will talk about for years to come!