5 Ways to Enjoy Tipsy Putt Mini Golf in Downtown Sacramento

5 Ways to Enjoy Tipsy Putt Mini Golf in Downtown Sacramento

The city of Sacramento has tons to offer in its downtown district, but there’s one place that really hits a hole-in-one when it comes to having fun. Tipsy Putt mini golf is the perfect place for adults to go and enjoy themselves while getting an epic taste of Sacramento. Locals and tourists both enjoy tasting the many local alcoholic beverages offered, eating delicious food, and playing a few rounds of mini golf. That’s why mini golf downtown is one of the most exciting activities in the city.

If you’ve been wondering how to enjoy mini golf more, you’re in luck. We have some ideas for getting your friends and family involved in your favorite activity or even shaking things up with your own game. With a few expert suggestions, you’ll have more fun playing mini golf than ever.

Here are five fun ways to enjoy mini golf in downtown Sacramento.

1. Host an Adult Birthday Party

Kids aren’t the only ones who get to celebrate turning another year older. Adults can and should be celebrated just as much, which is why so many people decide to have their adult birthday parties at places like Tipsy Putt. Tipsy Putt mini golf has everything you need to have an epic adult birthday party in an environment everyone can enjoy. Bring a few balloons and make someone’s birthday dreams come true.

Not many mini-golf environments encourage you to play a little tipsy, but it’s totally acceptable at Tipsy Putt mini golf. Your adult birthday party can be complete with a wide variety of local adult beverages to choose from and enjoy with your friends and family. With delicious drinks and food options, you can book a party where the food, drinks, and fun are provided, so all you have to do is show up.

2. Create Your Own Rules

We all know the standard rules of mini golf, but have you ever considered adding some additional rules of your own? Creating a few extra obstacles may bring a new light to the game of mini golf that you haven’t seen before. We’re using the word “rules” lightly, as they don’t have to be as cut and dry as your standard rules. To help you enjoy playing mini golf downtown a little more, you can implement a few changes to the game as we all know it.

One way you can create your own rules is by teaming up. Mini golf is typically played individually, but you can divide your group into two teams or split up into pairs. Teams can make things fun and give a competitive edge. You can also get creative and attempt to hit the ball in backward or with your eyes closed for one hole. Make right-handed people hit with their left hands for a fun new challenge for one round. These little variations will make the game a bit more challenging and a lot more fun.

3. Have a Work Outing

Work outings have many benefits for businesses, and nothing says team bonding like a round or two of mini golf downtown. Tipsy Putt mini golf is the perfect place to gather a group of colleagues and enjoy time together outside of work. It combines food, drinks, and good old-fashioned fun so you can wind down after a hard day’s work. Try it out for your next happy hour or holiday party to create memories your employees won’t soon forget.

Work on your team bonding by creating teams to play against each other. Friendly competition can encourage colleagues to root for each other and work together. You can also use a fun work outing like this to up the stakes and give employees something to work towards. Bring in your own prizes for the winners or offer food and drink incentives for players who go above and beyond.

4. Join a Mini Golf League

If you’ve been putting the time and effort into mastering your mini-golf game, it may be time to test your skills. Luckily, Tipsy Putt in Sacramento offers you the opportunity to do just that. With the option to join Putters, our mini-golf league at Tipsy Putt, you can team up and get ready to take your game to the next level. It’s a great way to get involved in the community and work on your mini-golf skills.

Don’t worry: Putters isn’t only for professionals. Our putt-putt golf league is for any mini-golf player who likes to have fun and enjoy the game. And we do all kinds of crazy-fun things in the league, like dress-up nights, putt with something other than a putter, and putt with a beer in your hand!

Joining a mini-golf league is a great way to meet other local players, start to play on a reliable schedule, and enjoy yourself. This five-week challenge allows you to team up with one other player and take on a weekly mini-golf challenge together. It also gives you the chance to win some pretty cool prizes.

5. Have an Adult Night Out

Few people deserve an adult’s night out as much as parents do, and we have the perfect place for you to do just that. Take a load off by gathering a group of your favorite adult friends to meet up without the kids. It’s a great way to get a much-needed break and pretend to be a kid again. It also allows you to get some practice in before your next family mini-golf outing.

Mini golf is the perfect game to play if you want to get everyone involved. People of all experience levels can find enjoyment in testing their golf skills in a fun and laid-back setting. Adults will enjoy the atmosphere and the option to enjoy some of the best local alcohol around. Tipsy Putt allows you to enjoy your buzz around your friends and family as you remind yourself that adults can have fun too!