5 Tips for Your Most Tee-riffic Mini Golf Game Ever

5 Tips for Your Most Tee-riffic Mini Golf Game Ever

There’s nothing like playing a game of mini golf in the East Bay with your buddies. The camaraderie is unmatched when you put a handful of friends, a beloved game, and local alcohol together. Tipsy Putt combines all of these things along with an exciting atmosphere to create an experience you won’t soon forget. It’s no wonder so many people are looking to up their game for their next visit.

If you’re someone who likes to play to win, you may want to prepare a bit for your next mini golf game. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can incorporate that may give you an edge over your opponents. Things like loosening up beforehand, keeping a watchful eye on your opponents, and practicing more often can really contribute to the results you’re looking for. With these tips and a little confidence, you could find yourself on the winning side of things more often.

So, if you want to become a better mini golf player, we have you covered. Here are a few tips to help you have an un-fore-gettable golf game.

1. Take the Edge Off

When you arrive to play mini golf in the East Bay, you’re playing to win. The feeling of beating your friends and family in a fun game of mini golf can bring true joy to any player. While you should definitely play to win, you don’t want to take yourself too seriously. Too much focus on winning could mess up your game and throw you off. It can pay off to play it cool in these sometimes-tense situations. We suggest taking the edge off by enjoying some local beer, wine, or a draft cocktail while you play.

They don’t call us Tipsy Putt for nothing. With a wide selection of alcoholic beverages to choose from it won’t be hard to find a drink that catches your eye, and you can find comfort in knowing that we only serve local beer, local wine, and locally-owned spirits for our cocktails at our East Bay location. Enjoy a drink or two with your fellow players to loosen yourself up for an epic game of mini golf. Or you can increase the stakes by making the loser pay for the next round. You may even find that you’re having such a good time that you no longer care about who wins or loses.

2. Observe Your Opponents

It may be tempting to offer to go first when playing mini golf. It’s such a fun game that many people are chomping at the bit to get started, and if you’ve been practicing, you’ll likely be ready to show off your progress. Resist the urge, though. There are a few benefits that come with not going first that can really increase your chances of having your most tee-riffic game ever.

One of the benefits of not going first is having the opportunity to observe your opponents. If you’re on a course that you haven’t played before, you can take the time to watch for any mistakes that your opponents are making and avoid them. You also might find that a player is using a technique that is securing them the lead, and you can copy it to make your big comeback. Use this strategy to your advantage to increase your chances of winning.

3. Focus on How You Hit the Ball

When it comes to mini golf, the goal is pretty simple: you want to hit the ball into the hole. The closer to the hole, the better, but the way you hit the ball matters, as does the position of the club when you do it. Focusing on these things could be helpful when you’re trying to become a better mini golf player.

You can put more focus into how you hit the ball by considering where you want the ball to hit the putter. Ideally, you’ll want the ball to hit directly in the middle of your putter. This can give you more control over the direction the ball goes. Hitting the ball primarily with the top or bottom of your putter could cause it to hit the ball diagonally so that you miss your target completely.

4. Take Advantage of Obstacles

Scoping out the course is a wise decision for any mini-golfer and should definitely be done before every game. Getting a look at the lay of the land could help you to come up with strategies to incorporate. Every hole is different, and you may find that there are a few obstacles and roadblocks in your path to a hole-in-one. For most players, this will be seen as a hurdle you’ll have to overcome, but with a change of mindset, you may find yourself in a winning position.

Instead of looking at these obstacles with fear, try to consider how they can work in your favor. You may find that aiming for an obstacle in your path can allow you to bounce into a clearer path to your target. Use the obstacles to your advantage by thinking outside of the box and not trying too hard to only avoid them.

5. Practice Makes Progress

As with most activities, the only way to get really good is to practice. It takes time and determination to truly become good at golf. When you put in the work, you’ll notice that some things start to come easier than they did before. You may begin to develop a technique that carries you through to win after win.

The nice thing about practicing mini golf at Tipsy Putt is that you can have fun and enjoy a great atmosphere doing it. Mini golf is a game that’s meant to be enjoyed with a group, making it the perfect opportunity to gather your friends together for a good time. Starting a biweekly or monthly tradition of mini golf can help you up your game and stay closer to your friends and family. Adults can have fun too, and Tipsy Putt in Emeryville is the perfect way to do just that. Stop by Tipsy Putt for a tee-rific time!