5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Speakeasy Birthday Party

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Speakeasy Birthday Party

Whether you want to plan the perfect birthday party for yourself or a friend, one theme always in style is the Roaring ’20s. From invitations to attire to venue, it’s easier than you think to wow your friends and family with just a few easy choices. An excellent choice for your 1920s party theme is the mysterious speakeasy! Dim the lights and whisper the password for this party, and you will be in for a night of surprises.

With the speakeasy theme, one of the items on your to-do list will be finding a speakeasy in East Bay. One such venue could be Trophy Club speakeasy in East Bay. Trophy Club is Northern California’s premiere members-only speakeasy, with locations in Sacramento and Emeryville and coming soon to Monterey and Sunnyvale. It is a fine drinking establishment with incredible perks for members. It is hidden in plain sight and offers creative craft cocktails and an exclusive and discreet environment with a secret entrance. Even better, you don’t have to limit your party to drinking and Tommy Guns; Trophy Club is located within Tipsy Putt, an indoor putt-putt golf course with TVs, board games, and an oversized Connect Four.

Sounds like fun, right? Here are five tips for planning the perfect birthday party at a speakeasy in East Bay:

1. Theme to Dream

Planning a roaring ’20s speakeasy party doesn’t have to be complicated. The biggest decision you have to make is how devoted you want your group to be to the theme and story of the night. You can do anything from the basics, such as requesting your guests dress for the decade and show up to your chosen location. Or, for a little more mystery, you could ask guests to dress within a dress code and leave clues to find the location in your invitation, leading them on a quest through the city. It’s up to you

Depending on where you want to end up, you can either spend money on actors for hosting, serving, and bartending, or you can pick a venue that has it all done for you, like Trophy Club. In our party rooms, you’ll find a full-service bar serving creative craft cocktails and a members-only entrance hidden within the Tipsy Putt golf course. You’ll even need a password to enter. From food and drinks to atmosphere, all your bases are covered with a place like this speakeasy in East Bay.

2. Choose the Right Venue

Planning a speakeasy party at home can seem like a fun, cost-effective option for hosting a party, but one of the best parts about a speakeasy party is having to find it. The Roaring ’20s, and speakeasy culture especially, was all about whispered secrets and opulence, gangsters, and keeping things hidden. Choosing the right venue can give your party that same vibe.

If you want your party to be the bee’s knees, find a location already set up with everything you need, such as a speakeasy like Trophy Club. All you have to do is choose your party’s password, design the invitation, and set the dress code. Speaking of dress codes …

3. Set a Dress Code

Fashion is a massive part of what makes a themed party exceptional, especially one set in the Roaring ’20s in a speakeasy. On your invitation, you can include details about what guests should wear. You could ask for looks inspired by the era, which can include more modern components but give people more creativity. Another option is to choose to have everyone dress up in the full costume of the time period.

Roarin’ 20s looks for women can include feather boas over flapper dresses paired with sequin headbands and pearl necklaces. Dresses that give the illusion of feathers in their patterns and designs, with lots of beads and sequins were the height of popularity. Menswear trends back then tended toward the slim “jazz” suits with oxford shoes and a fedora or bowler hat. Don’t forget the pinstripes! Lots and lots of pinstripes.

4. Invitations to Start the Adventure

The Great Gatsby is a classic story that illustrates the luxurious, free-spirited atmosphere of the 1920s, punctuated by dancing, wildly opulent decor, and flapper fashion. You can’t go wrong if you follow that style when designing your invitations. The speakeasy and ’20s style is one where you want to show what you’ve got, but only to the right people.

Your invitations start the party and set the tone for your guests. Gold on black will give your invitations ritzy style, and Art-Deco-inspired shapes and lines are a must. Various online invitation websites will guide you through the entire process, from creating the invite to scheduling when it gets sent out and everything in between.

5. Decorate With Opulence in Mind

Whether you go the DIY route or let the venue do the work, you want your party to take you back in time. The decorations should look mimic the style of the dresses in that era. Feathers, particularly ostrich feathers, would be used to decorate tables in centerpieces due to the booming feather trade of the time. You can find ethically sourced feathers online if you decorate on your own. Gold and black tablecloths should help tie things together. Require a password to enter the party, and don’t forget the music! You’ll want to remind guests of the ’20s, but you can also make it relevant to our era.

Go easy on yourself and let the professionals do all the hard work with food, drinks, and decorations so all you have to do is invite your guests, dress to the nines, and have a speakeasy birthday celebration that is the cat’s meow. Choose a venue like Trophy Club, since they have catering, unique and local drinks, Tipsy Putt golf, and so much more. Being a speakeasy in East Bay is our niche, so trust us to take care of your roaring ’20s birthday party!