If you’re a business owner or manager, you may be looking for team-building activities that will create a strong rapport among your employees. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Tipsy Putt has creative ideas to take your company team-building event in Sacramento to the next level of fun and then some. Here are five team-building ideas sure to bring your team closer together.

1. Mini Golf

Who doesn’t love a round of mini golf, especially when you’re duking it out for bragging rights in a friendly competition with your coworkers? Let your employees take swings at each other—figuratively, of course—on the putt-putt course.

Your team can let loose and hang together after the office has closed for the day with good food, local beverages, and fun games. At Tipsy Putt in downtown Sacramento, there’s a little something for everyone. In addition to mini golf, we offer cornhole, 1-2 Putt (like a combination of shuffleboard and golf), big Jenga, board games, and other entertainment options. Your team can tee off in a friendly, laid-back environment that allows them to relax, get to know each other better, and just have some good, old-fashioned fun. Your team will also love the opportunity to Putt Tipsy! We have over 40 draft handles serving up local beers, wines, and spirits as well as a delicious restaurant serving up casual Mexican food like street tacos. Try the nachos—they’re a fan favorite!

2. Escape Rooms

What better way to get your team to work together than to lock them in a room until they’re able to figure their way out of it? Escape rooms are an excellent team-building activity because everyone will need to put their heads together to solve the clues. Racing against the clock, your team members will have to listen carefully to one another as they strategize their next move.

Not only are escape rooms fun and challenging, but they’re also a creative way to get your team to exercise their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in a high-stakes, deadline-driven environment. Everyone escapes together or gets trapped together, so it’s the ideal activity to demonstrate the importance of helping one another achieve a common goal.

If your group can escape the room successfully, they’ll be able to take pride in knowing they accomplished the task at hand. If not, it’s a good opportunity to assess what worked, what didn’t, and the lessons they took away from the experience.

Escape rooms provide more than an immersive experience. They’re an opportunity to grow your team, assess their ability to communicate with one another effectively, and evaluate how to build upon their strengths moving forward.

After your great escape, bring the whole team to Tipsy Putt to celebrate. You can debrief over some delicious food and drinks and keep the camaraderie going.
Note that, while this option isn’t offered at Tipsy Putt, there are multiple options for escape rooms in Sacramento.

3. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are an awesome way to get around town and immerse yourself in your city’s history and culture. Another plus is that you can organize a scavenger hunt yourself if you wish. Just divide your staff up into groups and provide them with a list of things to find or places to visit. Have them snap a photo or record a video to show they reached their destination or performed each task on the list.

You can get as wild and creative as you want with a scavenger hunt. Have your group serenade a stranger or use their local knowledge to find the oldest watering hole in town, for instance. Give teams a time limit, set them loose, and encourage them to work together to complete the tasks on the list. Whoever checks the most boxes in the end wins.

Scavenger hunts can show your team how to strategize and use their time wisely. For an added challenge, award tasks or items with a different number of points based on difficulty level so teams will have to prioritize which they want to tackle.

When it comes time to show off your “finds,” keep the atmosphere light and meet somewhere fun. At a venue like Tipsy Putt, you can compare your results while enjoying local fare and drinks.

While this option isn’t offered at Tipsy Putt, there are multiple options for scavenger hunts in Sacramento.

4. Social Soirée

While a team-building outing is always fun and exciting, you may want to simply give your employees some time to unwind and socialize. When you plan your par-tee at Tipsy Putt, you can order a la carte off our menu featuring tasty Mexican fare or opt for a full catering experience. You’ll also have limitless game options and can add in a trip to the hidden speakeasy offered in a few of their locations.

If you want to host your social soirée with us, we’ll craft the perfect event for your team at our Sacramento, Emeryville, or South Lake Tahoe locations. From a small group outing to a large corporate event for hundreds, we’ll throw you a custom par-tee with just the right theme and atmosphere.

5. Trivia

Have your team battle it out and test their wits at a game night of trivia. You can plan it yourself or let Tipsy Putt do the work for you. Your staff members can compete against one another or team up to face off against other competitors at our Tuesday trivia nights.

Give your team members prizes or the honor of bragging rights for whoever comes out on top. Trivia nights are an awesome way to find out who on your team has hidden knowledge and random factoids up their sleeve. What better way for your team members to get to know each other a little better?

Let Us Help With the Planning

Any of these activities work well for team building. The important thing is to ensure your team enjoys socializing with one another so they’ll be better prepared to work cohesively in a professional environment when they return to the office.

Lucky for you, we specialize in fun here at Tipsy Putt, so if you want to plan team-building events in Sacramento, you can kick back, relax, and trust us to do all the hard work. Even if you start the team building at another locale, bring it back to Tipsy Putt for the big finish. We have all the features and amenities of a large event venue, with different spaces having different atmospheres to suit your needs. We’ll customize the perfect event, whether you’re looking for a private space for a special corporate occasion or simply want to host a small affair for a few colleagues.

From laid back and casual to upscale and refined, Tipsy Putt has it all. So whatever type of team-building event you’re looking to host, we’ll make sure it’s a night of laughter and a fun time for all to remember. After all, we believe the team that plays together works better together!